AliMed is a an emerging and innovative healthcare company that aims at helping people across the care continuum. From hospital to home, flexible supply chain solutions, superior service, and value-based medical products, AliMed is focussed on providing health care solutions to all.   

Since 50 years, AliMed has been a global leader in providing ergonomically designed medical goods to hospitals, clinics, long-term care institutions, private medical offices, therapists, and other healthcare providers. The company offers a huge and extensive catalog of Body Positioners, Grip Utensils Set, Basic Pull Pin Alarms, rhumb Spica and much more. 

Why choose Alimed Products? 

AliMed products include ergonomically designed products such as orthotics and daily living aids that are useful for those who are suffering from conditions like back pain, arthritits, incontinence and much more. 

Being a US based manufacturer, AliMed is a trusted supplier of CE- Marked Products that can be safely used for acute care, orthopedics, skilled nursing/ Rehabilitation purpose

Some of the popular Alimed products include -  

  • daily Living Aids 
  • Diabetic Foot care solutions 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Fall Management 
  • Heel Protection 
  • Footwear and Insoles 
  • Infection control 
  • Medical Carts 
  • Patient Positioners 
  • Podiatry 
  • Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy 
  • Patient Safety Straps 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Splints and Braces 
  • Wheelchair Cushions 
  • Women’s Health 

Where can I buy AliMed Health products online? 

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including AliMed Health products at affordable prices. 

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