Anatomy Supply Partners is a leading sourcer of medical and surgical supplies. Anatomy Supply Partners has more than 150 factories spread throughout 15 different nations, despite having their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the requirements of the patient, they develop unique products and medical supplies. Anatomy Supply Partners assists their partners in achieving savings targets and patient experience objectives by offering healthcare systems control over cost and product design. 

It provides wide range of medical supplies, including high quality stools with varied features and utility purposes.  

Some of the popular types of stools include -  

  1. Step Stool - Step stools are a mid way solution between ladder and a stool. They are being used as a support platform for reaching targets that are at heights between 2m and 3m. Anatomy Supply Partners Bariatric Step Stool comes with a non-slip surface and cross-braces attached to aircraft-type rivets. It is highly durable and can take up to large weight capacity. 
  2. Exam Stool – Exam stools are widely used in hospitals and facilities for various examination processes like blood tests. Anatomy Supply Exam Stools are adjustable medical stools which can be adjusted as required. They come with wide padded seat and circular footrests. 

Where can I find Anatomy Supply Partners Products online? 

HPFY carries wide range of products from Anatomy Supply Partners products including step stools, exam stools, hampers, three panel privacy screen and much more at affordable prices.