Janibell offers hands-free disposal and trash receptacle system for use at home, offices, shops, and hospitals, we bring you the best selling products of Janibell that are hygienic, hands-free and odor control. The unique liner which is easy to use and dispose of save time and money.

Why Choose Janibell?

Not All Waste Receptacles Are Created Equal! with a unique continuous liner system that saves both time and money. Janibell's complete line of trash containers combines hygienic hands-free disposal, effective odor control, and sanitary removal.

Keep Your Room Clean and Fresh - Thanks to its tight-sealing, self-closing lid, your Janibell trash container will lock in odors and keep trash out of view. Plus, Janibell's internal bag liner eliminates unsightly bag overhang — and the pathogens and insects that it can harbor or attract.

Avoid Touching the Garbage With Janibell you pull the full bag of garbage downwards, cut it and dispose of it without ever touching the bag's contents. With other trash containers you have to pull an overhanging and open-ended bag full of waste up out of the top of the container, potentially coming in contact with the very bacteria, germs and pathogens you're trying to avoid.

Save Money with the Flexible Liner System With its unique liner system, you use only what you need. Because Janibell's bags are cut and tied off from a continuous liner, they can be made to any size. No need to waste an entire bag if the trash is taken out before the container is full! Each Janibell liner makes 30 full bags (or many more smaller ones).

Use an Eco-Friendly Solution Janibell liners are flexible, strong, tear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. The liner material is 100% biodegradable in landfills or compost piles and made with 20% recycled materials. Plus, the Janibell containers are durable, made to last and backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.
Take Out the Trash in Record Time On average, it takes 40% less time to empty a Janibell compared to emptying a conventional trash can.

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