Peco Medical, Inc. is known in the healthcare industry as one of the market's most innovative manufacturers for continence care products. PECO Medical, Inc. develops and manufactures specialized urological products. It provides the latest technology in urological products including Silicone Elastomer Catheters, Foley Catheters, Urinary Drainage Bags and Leg Bags for daily comfort and convenience. The closed system drain, Drain & Leg Bags, and catheters are all DEHP and BPA free.

The four most important features of the PECO Catheter are:

  • Polished Eyes Full Spherical Tip
  • Smooth Shaft Soft Funnel Connector

The eyes of the catheter are most important to the clinical outcome and the comfort of the patient during catheterization.

Our technical staff has designed the PECO catheter eyes using data gleaned through years of listening to patients, clinicians. We have several published clinical studies that support our design characteristics. PECO Polished Eyes: "The beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and the patient". The size, shape, and feel of a urinary catheter is a balance between function, appearance, and comfort - our intent is to minimize any risk to the patient. Research indicates that the PECO Catheter's eyes are one of the best on the market.

PECO catheter eyes are smooth to the touch and "fire-polished" for comfort during catheterization, are sized and positioned on the tip of the catheter to allow above-average flow and drainage. They are designed to reduce the risk of Urinary Tract Infections to the patient. They are also DEHP-Free and BPA-Free. What is little understood is that the size of the catheter eye is a balance between drainage, comfort, and risk.

The catheter eye functions as an opening to void the bladder as the catheter are inserted into the bladder. When inserted into the bladder, the urine flows through the two eyes and out the internal diameter of the catheter. The internal diameter is, in most cases, the constraint on the drainage rate. The catheter tip and eyes must pass through the entire urethra channel and into the bladder. This is an important point. The design intent of our catheter is a balance between patient comfort, function and patient risk.

It is our belief that larger eyes do not result in an increased drainage rate. Large eyes do not necessarily mean comfort. Large eyes do potentially increase the risk to the patient by capturing and transporting bacteria normally found in the urethra into the bladder during catheterization. PEKO consistently works with independent urologists, clinical specialists, patients. It is this collaborative relationship and years of research and development with our independent team of urologists and clinical specialists that indicated this potential risk.