Bard Bardia Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag

Bard Bardia Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD INC
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

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Bard Bardia Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag features a rounded teardrop shape for more efficient drainage and is available in a 2000cc capacity. It allows the patient to have a good night's sleep without worrying about wet spots on the pants. Bardia closed system drainage bags feature a sample port and an anti-reflux drip chamber to prevent the backflow of urine. One has to open the lock, and fluid drains easily into the toilet. There is no air buildup inside the bag. Bardia Closed System Drain Bag resembles a plastic bag that gives way to the sterile fluid path.

Benefits of Bardia Closed System Drain Bag

  • Sterile fluid path
  • Single Use
  • No air build up inside the bag
  • Sample port and an anti-reflux drip chamber
  • Disposable
  • Unisex


Features of Bardia Closed System Drain Bag

  • Bardia closed system drain bag is available with either swivel hanger or hook & loop cloth strap which facilitate attachment to bed frame or wheelchair
  • Bardia catheter bag has 2000ml capacity with anti-reflux chamber
  • Large volume capacity with graduation marks
  • Urine sampling area
  • Strong vinyl construction of closed urinary drainage system prevents leakage
  • Easy-to-drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder
  • Bardia closed system urinary drainage bag prevents back flow with Anti-Reflux Valve
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
    Note: Do remember to keep the drainage bag at a level lower than the bladder. Also keep the Bard Bardia Urinary Drainage Bag straight and not by its side for best, uninterrupted results.


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FAQs About Bardia Catheter Bags

How do you drain a Bardia catheter bag?

At night, connect a URIPLAN Bed Bag to the bottom of the leg bag and open the leg bag tap to allow it to drain freely. Support the bed bag on a stand or support hanger, and always keep the bag lower than your bladder, do not allow the bed bag to lie on the floor.

How often should a urinary drainage bag be changed?

Urinary drainage bags must be discarded every seven (7) days from first use when:

  • switching from a leg bag to a large drainage bag; disconnecting the drainage bag from the catheter
  • the bag is leaking, damaged, discolored, stiff and brittle, or a strong odor persists after cleaning.

How often should the catheter bag be emptied?

Empty your leg bag at regular intervals to avoid it becoming too full and heavy, which may pull on your catheter. This should occur every 2 to 3 hours or when the bag is about half to three-quarters full.

How do you open the valve on a catheter bag?

Empty your bladder by opening the valve. Pinch the end of the catheter using the thumb and index finger and remove the old valve. Open a new valve and connect the new valve avoiding touching the connecting end. Check that the valve is closed.


Bardia Closed System Drain Bag Specifications

Catheter Material Hydrocolloid
Catheter Size 25mm,29mm,32mm,36mm,41mm
Adhesive Type Self-Adhesive


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