Uresil Tru-Close Suction Drainage System - 1000mL Capacity

Uresil Tru-Close Suction Drainage System - 1000mL Capacity

Brand/Manufacturer: URESIL CORPORATION
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  • FSA Approved

Uresil Tru-Close Suction Drainage System is compact and self-contained system allows full patient ambulation. Suction Drainage System is designed to be a completely closed system for abscess and other fluid drainages. During activation, body fluids are not aerolized because all fluids are contained in the system.

Tru-Close Drainage Suction System Highlights:

  • Latex-free
  • Dual anti-reflux valves
  • Standard luer lock connector
  • Reduces the chance of cross-contamination

Tru-close drainage system Features

  • Dual anti -reflux valves prevent liquids and air from backing up into the catheter or wound drain
  • All TCS bags come with a standard luer lock connector to fit all luer -locking drainage catheters
  • If the bellows fills, flow to the bag continues via gravity drainage as long as the bag is below the level of the drainage site.
  • Approx. Vacuum:
    - TCS1000: 2 PSI(103 mm Hg)

Uresil drainage bags Intended Use:

  • For collecting drainage fluids this product is intended for short-term use (more than 24 hours and less than 30 days).

Uresil Tru-Close Suction Drainage System - 1000mL Capacity Instruction Manual

How To Use Tru close Drainage Bag?

  • To adjust the tubing length, remove the tube from the top of the housing or pull off the luer lock connector and cut the tube with a scissors to the desired length.
  • To change the luer lock connector to a straight connector for use with a silicone wound drain, cut the tube or remove the adapter and insert the desired connector.
  • Attach the bag to the drainage catheter or wound drain. 
  • To ensure continuous flow, attach the bag to the patient gown or bedding below the level of the drainage site. 
  • If the bag comes with an empty port, twist it closed.
  • To activate the system, compress the bellows completely. Do not try to pump the bellows; it will fill as it draws fluid from the drainage site. If the bellows is not re -activated after filling, the system will convert to gravity drainage thus preventing fluid backup. 
  • To re -activate the system, compress the bellows. The fluid in the bellows will be discharged into the bag and the suction will be re -established. 
  • The bag is strong enough to withstand a build up of air pressure within the bag. The bag is equipped with hydrophobic filter vents, which will vent collected air. Air can be manually forced out of the bag by gently squeezing the bag while the system is positioned vertically (housing above bag). 
  • Although the graduation marks on the bag are approximations only, approximate volumes collected can be recorded on the white “write -on” area on the bag. When recording these approximations, first empty bellows contents into the bag.



  • Discard the entire system when the bag is full or when otherwise indicated. 
  • Sterile if package is unopened and undamaged. 
  • For single use only. 
  • The reuse of this single-use device can lead to patient infection and/or device malfunction. 
  • Bags without empty ports only: Do not attempt to empty the bag during use. The bag can be emptied prior to disposal if desired by cutting off the bottom corner of the bag.


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