Straight Tipped Catheters

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Straight tip catheters are tapered at the end so that they can pass smoothly through the urethra. They are the simplest form of intermittent catheters and are different from others just because of the shape of the tip. The rest of the features of this catheter depend on whether they are coated, non-coated, pre-lubricated catheters.

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Above is an example of a straight tip catheter. We have number of straight tip catheters available in our stores. For example the Bard Pediatric Clear Straight Intermittent PVC Urethral Catheter is made from PVC with high quality standards. It is pediatric size, soft, clear polyurethane catheter with two staggered eyes for single use. This catheter features straight tip and is sterile and latex-free. The Rusch FloCath Hydrophilic Coated Intermittent Catheter With Straight Tip is designed to reduce friction and tissue irritation, allowing effortless insertion into the bladder. The FloCath hydrophilic coating is easily activated by soaking the catheter in water for 30 seconds. The water binds to the catheter creating an extremely low friction, slippery surface that is maintained during insertion and withdrawal.

The Coloplast Self-Cath Plus Straight Tipped Hydrophilic Coated Pediatric Intermittent Catheter is 100 percent latex-free with fire-polished eyelets and a siliconized surface for smooth insertion and reduce the risk of urethral trauma. The hydrophilic coating activates with exposure to water for low friction catheterization. This self-cath plus catheter has an uncoated grip zone for better control and handling.

The Hollister Advance Plus Intermittent Catheter with Straight Tip reduces the risk of urinary tract infections through its unique introducer tip. It provides maximum comfort upon insertion through ultra-smooth catheter eyelets formed with advanced ultrasonic technology. The patented gel reservoir allows the catheter to be used with no additional lubrication, water, or other preparation.



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