Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

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Intermittent catheterization is very user friendly. This catheterization allows the patient to empty the bladder several times a day. For the same reason it is inserted only when required. Intermittent catheters are pre-lubricated and is inserted via urethra. It is connected to the drainage bag where urine is collected. Intermittent catheters come with amazing benefits like:

  1. They get easy to use with time.
  2. Effective in drainage.
  3. Completely safe to use.

Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

Easy Usage

For many people it may be intimidating but the procedure is actually simple and in no time the patient will get used to it. Catheterization can be done by patient itself.

It is easy to perform in case of children as well. If the patient has some physical limitation, then a caregiver or parent can assist in the process.

Drains Effectively

As compared to other catheters that are left connected to the urethra, intermittent catheterization proves to be an effective solution. Urinary tract infection (UTI) or distended bladder is the infection that could happen if urine is left in the bladder for a long time.

There are also chances that intermittent catheterization can help in improving and controlling urinary incontinence. As with an empty bladder the person may feel free for active lifestyle.

Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

Safe To Use

There is a possibility that catheters when used for long term, like Indwelling catheters, can lead to certain kind of complications like:

  1. Blockage
  2. Infection
  3. Bladder spasm
  4. Leaks etc.,

Intermittent catheterization reduces the chances of these complications. As the process is not long-term. It gets unlikely to get hurt in the process once the patient gets some experience of continuously using it. Always prefer consulting a healthcare professional for best practice and advice. 



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