Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

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Intermittent catheterization can be a simple and effective way to empty the bladder several times daily. Intermittent catheters are pre-lubricated and inserted when needed into the urethra, where urine is collected into a drainage bag and only used when required, unlike an indwelling catheter which remains connected.  

Some patients may find intermittent catheters intimidating. However, in time, most find self-catheterization to be an easy procedure. 

Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

Effectively drains the bladder  

As compared to catheters that are left connected to the urethra, intermittent catheterization proves to be an effective solution and also safe for children. They also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and distended bladder.  

Intermittent catheterization can also help to improve and control urinary incontinence leading to a better quality of life.  

Safe To Use  

When indwelling catheters are used for the long term, there is a risk of certain kinds of complications, such as:  

  • Blockage  
  • Infection  
  • Bladder spasm  
  • Leaking  

Benefits of Intermittent Catheterization

Intermittent catheterization reduces the chances of these complications. With practice, a patient will find self-catheterization easy to do. Talk to your doctor for more information on best practices.   


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