Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability for men to get or maintain an erection. This impacts the man’s ability to engage in sexual intercourse and could render them unable to start a family. Also known as ED, impotence is a very common condition around the western world, and can happen to men of any age. Though it is more common among older men, there are a number of reasons that cause impotence even in younger men. It can be a result of both physical and psychological causes. If the problem persists and increases as time passes, then the reason behind them is most likely physical. This is also known as chronic impotence. Below is some information regarding the types of impotence, potential causes & some tips on how to avoid it.

Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Types of Impotence

There are five basic types or stages of impotence based on the severity of the condition

  • Primary Impotence - This deals with a person never having achieved a full erection ever in their lives. This is because of nerve damage,blockage, or a trapped nerve. Primary impotence can be cured using surgery
  • Secondary Impotence - In this, people have usually achieved an erection in the past and are having difficulties achieving it presently
  • Situational Impotence - This means that erection is achieved only in specific situations and time periods
  • Partial Impotence - Partial impotence means that the genitals are not receiving blood fully, and hence instead of being flaccid or erect, they are semi-rigid
  • Total Impotence - This refers to complete inability to achieve an erection at all times

Symptoms of Impotence

  • Achieving an erection - Impotence can cause problems in achieving an erection either partially or at all times
  • Maintaining an erection - Once achieved, it is important to maintain the erection, which can be a problem if one suffers from impotence
  • Reduced Sexual Drive - A loss of interest in sexual relationships is a growing symptom in people suffering from impotence
  • Loss of Self-esteem - A common problem among people suffering from impotence, which also includes anxiety, depression, and stress

Causes of Impotence

There are two main bifurcations of the causes of impotence:

Psychological Causes

  • Stress - Stress is one of the leading temporary causes of impotence among young and middle aged men. The overbearing load of careers, education, family planning, child rearing etc. has increased stress levels to their maximum causing such biological issues
  • Depression and Anxiety - Another major psychological disorder, depression and anxiety might or might not cause impotence, depending on the grievousness of the condition

Physical Causes

  • Cardiovascular Diseases - Blocking of arteries or imbalance in blood-flow can be a major cause of impotence. The erection is a result of blood filling up the veins in the penis, and inability for the body to supply the blood causes impotence
  • Diabetes - Also known as diabetes mellitus, it aggravates the contraction of blood vessels giving rise of cardiovascular diseases and thus resulting in impotence
  • Smoking - Smoking is another major cause of impotence where the occurrence of vasospasms causing blocking of arteries and hence causes impotence
  • Hyper-Tension - High blood pressure also causes inability for the body to supply adequate blood to the penis to achieve and erection
  • Ageing - Older men tend to get impotent far more easily than young men. The reduced levels of testosterone and the inability of the heart to function like it did in the younger days all come together to fuel the condition of impotency
  • Substance Abuse - Addiction to lethal substances or hallucinogenic substances can have side effects, out of which the major one being impotence

Precautions To Take Against Impotence

  • Keep Alcohol to a Minimum If your are suffering from impotence and it can be cured, then avoid drinking alcohol as excessive intake of alcohol messes with the medication and also defers the functioning of the circulatory system causing less blood-flow in the genital areas
  • Avoid Smoking - If you are a regular or occasional smoker, then laying off the smokes is an important step towards preventing impotence
  • Kegel and Pelvic Floor Exercises - These exercises strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen thus ensuring a healthy blood flow to those regions
  • Weight Loss - Loosing weight can also help a person prevent impotence. Excess weight results in an imbalance in the functioning of the heart thus contributing to impotence
  • Stress Management - Managing your stress level through medication, yoga, and exercises is important to prevent impotence

Treatment Method for Impotence

  1. Medications - Medications such as sildenafil, tadalfil, avanafil, etc. They immediately cause the body to supply blood to the penis and help in achieving erection. They should be avoided if you have a heart condition or low blood pressure.
  1. Vacuum Therapy Systems - Vacuum therapy systems are one of the most common techniques to overcome impotence for a small period of time. They have no lethal side effects and can be used easily. The vacuum system works by applying negative pressure thus drawing blood into the penis. This results in erection.
Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
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  1. Tension Bands or Rings - Once the blood has been pulled in by a vacuum therapy system, the blood needs to stay there to maintain the erection. This is done by using tension bands or penis rings. They contract a specific region of the organ thus disallowing the blood to leave and helping in maintaining the erection
Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Fighting Impotence - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
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Impotence can be an embarrassing topic to talk about, but at Shop Catheters, we make it a point to offer the right kind of advice and treatment options for people suffering from impotence so that they do not face any difficulties while treating the condition.


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