CURAD has been known and trusted worldwide for quality products since its inception in 1951. From the earliest years, CURAD created some historic advances in first aid, including the patent for the first “Ouchless Pads” in 1960. To make bandages more “user-friendly” for generations to come, CURAD also developed the “tear-apart” wrappers on individually wrapped bandages, as well as the peel-off backing that is now an industry standard.
Today, CURAD continues to build on this rich history. Since being acquired by Medline Industries, Inc. in 2007, the CURAD brand has been re-energized – introducing many innovative solutions for a broad range of health concerns. With new Truly Ouchless Silicone Adhesive technology, rugged Performance Series bandages and tapes, and advanced options like hydrocolloid and antibacterial bandages, CURAD remains at the forefront of creating hospital-quality products for home use.

Different types of Curad Products

1. Curad Truly ouchless

Bandages that remove gently and easily. Truly Ouchless Bandages, in Flex-Fabric & new Plastic, feature an advanced adhesive that holds tight & lets go easy. Both are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

2. Curad QuickStop

Ordinary bandages are made to absorb — not stop — bleeding. QuickStop products contain a blood clotting agent called m.doc Active, a naturally-derived coagulant. When contacting blood, it forms a soft, gel-like layer to stop bleeding fast & reduce the risk of reopening the wound.

3. Curad Exam Gloves

Rugged, chemical-resistant glove for tough jobs. Textured fingers for a solid, non-slip grip. Very comfortable with great stretch & flexibility. Excellent dexterity and sense of touch. Practical protection for basic tasks & frequent changes. 3G offers basic protection with more stretch & comfort

4. Curad Performance series bandages and tape

Extra Hold, Extra Strength, Extra Protection Against Germs. Go ahead and run, cut, slide and sweat, Performance Series bandages won’t quit until you do.

5. Curad Soothe and cool

Ordinary bandages don’t provide instant cooling relief. Soothe & Cool does! Now you don’t have to run cool water over the burn for 30 minutes, like first aid experts recommend. Soothe & Cool bandages contain hydrogel to cool instantly — and keep on soothing and cooling to reduce further damage.

6. Curad Performance series orthopedic support

Every injury is different. Some are merely annoying, some need greater care. Performance Series provides options to customize your level of support and mobility to you back to doing all the things you want to do.

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