Opsite is a popular brand of the manufacturer Smith & Nephew. It is dedicated towards improving people’s lives. Take your pick from an extensive range of Opsite products available at our website. You will find here Smith & Nephew Opsite Transparent Adhesive Dressing, Smith & Nephew OpSite Flexigrid Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing, Smith & Nephew OpSite Flexifix Transparent Film Roll etc. Opsite products imply performance, innovation & quality. They are available for you at affordable prices. Have a look!

Smith & Nephew Opsite Post-Op Dressing

OpsitePost-Op and Opsite Post-Op Visible both meet the criteria for an ideal post-operative dressing and provide several important benefits:

  • Barrier to bacteria including MRSA 
  • Reduce the risk of maceration
  • Reduce the risk of blistering
  • Reduce pain on removal
  • Waterproof conformable and comfortable to wear
  • Manage exudate through a highly absorbent pad and breathable film
  • Easy to apply and remove aseptically
  • Allow constant monitoring on the wound and peri-wound area

Smith & Nephew Film Dressing

OPSITE Film is a transparent, adhesive film. The film dressing is moisture vapour permeable, conformable and extensible. It is widely used to provide a moist wound environment for superficial wounds; it is also ideal for use as a secondary dressing and provide several benefits:

  • Superior film with acrylic adhesive
  • Waterproof film
  • Simple, effective application technique
  • Adaptable to awkward areas
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