Prevail incontinence products come from First Quality, which was established in 1989 to bring relief to people suffering from loss of bladder control in more than 40 countries worldwide. First Quality is today a leader in the manufacture of incontinence supplies in the US with more than 4,000 people behind the production of top quality products. First Quality works on the principle of integrity, humility, and unity as it innovates and creates more effective products while working towards one primary goal of making things better. The mission of the company has been to expand its absorbent hygiene product range with a focus on offering value-added differentiation while working through advanced technologies.

Why Prevail Products?

Adult incontinence care is incomplete without Prevail adult diapers which have a long heritage of healthcare experience. Prevail adult diapers and briefs are a product of 25 plus years of a rich voyage into an industry that works towards providing support and care. Prevail is a popular brand to come out of First Quality geared towards improving the lives of people and providing them support and encouragement to deal with incontinence. First Quality Prevail incontinence supplies are among the best in the industry and stand out for their high-quality materials and breakthrough innovations that help people take back control into their hands. Care is taken to ensure products are made of a breathable fabric that keeps the skin dry and healthy without risks of infections, irritations or skin maceration. First Quality Prevail incontinence product range includes high quality Prevail adult diapers, male guards, control pads, pantiliners, protective underwear, adult briefs, underpads, wipes and adult washcloths.

Innovative Prevail Technologies

First Quality is constantly evolving to better the features of Prevail incontinence products. The improved qualities of Prevail’s innovative technology include:

Skin Smart® Fabric - For skin wellness

Prevail diapers for adults and many other products employ a new fabric under its Skin Smart® fabric technology which offers complete skin care for those who use its incontinence products. The fabric wicks moisture rapidly away from the skin even when the product is under the weight of the body. It is also breathable in nature thereby keeping air circulating through its pores and preventing wetness and perspiration accumulation. These features keep the skin comfortably dry and promote skin integrity. Vitamin E, aloe and chamomile are integrated into the fabric making it hypoallergenic and keeping the skin protected and smooth.

Prevail Odor Guard® Technology - Helps reduce odor

First Quality Prevail adult diapers and briefs have an inbuilt Odor Guard® technology which works with a super absorbent polymer layer to provide double protection from odor-causing bacteria. Odor Guard® controls the formation of odor and reduces ammonia formation while the polymer absorbs excess odor to keep the wearer smelling fresh all day long.

360 Degree Breathable Zones

First Quality products have 360 degree breathable zones which keep the Prevail diapers, underwear, briefs, etc., exposed to the outside air thus promoting air circulation. The product is breathable enough to be odor free and prevent accumulation of moisture keeping the skin dry, healthy and leakage-free.

MaxSoft Technology - Super quick & super soft

First Quality Prevail adult diapers use a dynamic combination of MaxSoft technology with Quick Wick features to ensure continuous and rapid absorption of moisture coupled with a softness that soothes the skin. The softness of the fabric is due to the funnels’ unique arrangement, size, height, shape and pattern. An increase in the number of funnels contributes towards a permeable film with an increased absorbency rate.

Thinner Absorbent Cores - Move freely with more discretion

Prevail diapers, briefs and underpads are thin and discreet but highly absorbent. So, no need to use bulky pads or diapers when thin, discreet items can do the work and better.

Quality Features of Prevail Adult Incontinence

First Quality Prevail adult incontinence products are designed to stand out for features influenced by a uniqueness and innovation. These features include:

  • Back label: Product size can be found written on the inside waistband making it easy for the caregiver.
  • 360° breathable zones: The porous material used in the designing of the Prevail adult diapers allows air to circulate throughout making it breathable and ventilated. These breathable zones keep the skin of the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Breathable outer fabric: The outer fabric is cloth-like and soft thus not causing any irritation or chaffing on the skin of the wearer.
  • All gender specific: Prevail adult diapers and other incontinence supplies have unique designs for men and women. Also available is the unisex variety which is applicable to both a woman and man.
  • Direct lock panels: The back panel of Prevail briefs can be pulled between the two Easy-Lock Fastener® Strips to release and attach without needing to unfold tabs.
  • Doublesorb™ layers: The soft, dual core system of Prevail adult diapers is designed to lock up moisture without impacting the skin.
  • Easy-Lock fastener® (ELF®) strips and tabs: ELF® strips and tabs are non-stick and the multiple tab refastening provides an improved fit, accurate sizing and cost savings through reduced waste.
  • Extended use: First Quality Prevail incontinence supplies display superior absorbency for both day- and night-time use.
  • Odor Guard®: The Odor Guard® technology in Prevail adult diapers works to prevent odors even before they start.
  • QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft Technology™: Combines superior softness with rapid acquisition qualities.
  • Skin Smart® fabric: Made with hypoallergenic fabric comprising aloe, chamomile and vitamin E for skin health.
  • Stretch: Has stretchy side panels which make it easy to grab, pull and attach for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Thinner core technology: The thin core of Prevail adult diapers is highly absorbent and discreet allowing the wearer to move around freely without worrying about leakage or being noticed.

Quality Features of Prevail Wipes and Washcloths

  • Prevail wipes and washcloths are highly useful for incontinence care and cleaning.
  • Rich moisturizing: Moisturizes skin to promote skin wellness.
  • Premium quilted fabric: Quilted texture creates pockets for a cost-effective and thorough cleaning.
  • Single-Hand Dispensing®: User friendly lid design with pop-up folding to allow easy pull-up of single unfolded washcloth.
  • Skin Smart®: A combination of aloe, chamomile and Vitamin E that helps moisturize skin.
  • Soft & Strong Tri-Form™ Fabric: Three-layer fabric with two outer layers made of a soft, gentle fabric and a strong, thick inner layer which prevents tearing or stretching.
  • Vitamin E & aloe: Inclusion of these botanical elements promotes skin wellness and reduces dry irritated skin.

Selecting Right Prevail Products as per the Level of Leakage


Selecting a First Quality product according to the required level of flow is important to ensure full protection. Just as it does not make sense to be under-protected, it is also not practical to buy a heavy-flow diaper if the requirement is light flow.
Prevail incontinence supplies include products for all levels of leakage – light, moderate, heavy and for night-time use.
Light leakage could be as a result of stress incontinence and sometimes urge incontinence. Recommended First Quality Prevail products for light protection include:

  • Pantiliners: These are discreet pads and suitable for those with an active lifestyle.
  • Bladder control pads: These are thin pads that contour to the body shape and offer reliable protection against light flow.
  • Male guards: Has a contoured special cup design which stays comfortably within the underwear.


Protection from moderate flow is required by those who suffer from urge incontinence and more than one type of incontinence, also referred to as mixed incontinence. Prevail incontinence products for moderate protection include:

  • Underwear for women: Suitable for the unique body shapes and needs of women.
  • Underwear for men: Designed like regular men’s underwear with targeted protection.
  • Boxers for men: Looks and feels like regular men’s boxer shorts; body-close absorbent core to make you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Protective underwear: Exceptional protection with form-fitting elastics; soft moisture-wicking material.


Heavy incontinence flow is likely to be experienced by those suffering from reflex, overflow and functional incontinence. Prevail products that provide heavy protection include:

  • Adult briefs: Ideal for ultimate leakage protection these First Quality adult diapers are thin, discreet, highly-absorbent core.
  • Extended use brief: First Quality briefs offer reliable protection for extended use or in the night time; highly absorbent core.
  • Bariatric briefs: Ideal for heavy bladder leakage, these Prevail briefs are soft and comfortable to the skin.

Prevail Sizing Guide

Prevail diapers, male guards, control pads, pantiliners, protective underwear and adult briefs are available in five basic sizes with some variations – small, medium, large, extra-large and bariatric sizes. Before buying a product, if you refer to a size chart it will guarantee that you get the exact size. This will ensure you have the right fit, are comfortable, dry and without exposure to the risk of leakages.

Height and weight sizing chart for First Quality Prevail Per-Fit360° Briefs.
Height and weight sizing chart for First Quality Prevail StretchFit Briefs.
Height and weight sizing chart for First Quality Prevail Breezers360° Briefs.
Height and weight sizing chart for First Quality Prevail Briefs.

Where can I buy Prevail Incontinence Products online?

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including adult diapers, male guards, control pads, pantiliners, protective underwear, adult briefs, underpads, wipes and adult washcloths, and many more prevail products.  

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