ED vacuum therapy System

Vacuum Therapy System is an impotence device designed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It helps in drawing blood into the penis shaft by applying negative pressure. This causes the penis to swell up and become erect for sexual intercourse. Vacuum therapy system usually includes a manual or battery-operated erectile dysfunction pump, penile tube, tension rings and lubricant. At Shop Catheters, we offer a wide range of vacuum erection device from various top-selling manufacturers like Encore, Augusta Medical, Timm Medical, etc.


How Vacuum Therapy System Works?

Vacuum therapy system helps in attaining and maintaining erections in men who suffer from impotence. A penile tube is fitted over the penis and a manual or battery-powered erectile dysfunction pump is used to remove air and create a vacuum in the tube. This forces blood into the penis and creates an erection. The tension rings or constriction bands are then slid down the base of the erected penis to maintain the erection for sexual intercourse. It is very simple and intuitive to use a vacuum therapy system.

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