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Foley Insertion Kits and Trays contain all the necessary supplies which are required for successful urinary catheterization. The components of these kits are usually sterile to prevent the introduction of bacteria in the urinary tract or bladder. Some kits include a Foley catheter while others give users an option to choose the catheter according to their personal needs. Foley insertion trays which come along with catheters generally have a Foley catheter pre-attached to a drainage bag.


Components of Foley Insertion Kits and Trays

  • Foley catheter: The foley catheter is used to drain urine out from the bladder. It stays in the bladder for a long period with the help of a retention balloon and is therefore called indwelling catheter.
  • Drainage bag: Urinary drainage bag is used to store urine that comes out of the bladder. Whenever the bag is almost full, the user can empty it in the toilet. Urine bag is especially helpful to bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound people who find it difficult to go to the toilet every time.
  • Swab sticks: Swab sticks help in maintaining sterility for meatal preparation. They completely clean the genital areas and provide antibacterial protection for efficient Foley catheterization.
  • Underpads: Another important thing that is needed in Foley insertion kits is an underpad. It is placed beneath the patient to protect the bed or furniture from fluid.
  • Gloves: Gloves form an essential part of the kit. They help in preventing infection and cross-contamination. 
  • Wipes: Wipes are used to clean the peri-urethral area of the patient to maintain hygienic conditions for Foley catheterization.
  • Syringe: Syringe is usually pre-filled. It contains sterile water that is used in inflating the retention balloon. It is attached to the inflation port and water is injected in the balloon to hold the catheter in place.
  • Lubricant: Different types of lubricants are used to make the catheter insertion and removal smooth and easier.
  • Collection devices: Collection devices are used to collect urine specimens for laboratory testing.


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