Intermittent Catheter Accessories

Intermittent Catheter Accessories include some useful products that make intermittent catheterization easy and successful. These accessories like lubricating jelly and cathing mirror allow for easy and independent insertion. They help in accommodating most patient conditions and catheterization procedures. Shop Catheters offers a wide assortment of intermittent catheter accessories from various top-selling manufacturers like Aplicare, A+ Medical, Dynarex Corporation.

Some of the Common Intermittent Catheter Accessories

Lubricating Jelly

Lubricating jelly is made up of a greaseless, water-soluble solution that helps in lubricating the body orifices, so that the catheters can be inserted effortlessly. They can also be used for instrument lubrication, tissue lubrication and endoscopic procedures. The formulation of lubricants does not irritate the tissue, skin or mucous membranes.

Cathing Mirror

Cathing mirror helps the users in intermittent self-catheterization to get a proper view for catheter insertion. It is especially useful when both the hands are needed for inserting the catheter. Its unique shape provides proper vision for the successful catheterization. Cathing mirror is ideal for people with limited dexterity and mobility, including the elderly, paraplegics and quadriplegics.