Leg Bag Accessories

Leg Bag Accessories assist with necessary attachments that are used for enhancing user independence and comfort while wearing a leg bag. Shop Catheters provides a wide assortment of leg bag accessories including leg bag holders, covers, garments, straps and extension tubing. Urinary leg bags can be attached to the thigh or calf with the help of leg bag straps, covers and holders. Extension tubing helps connect drainage bag to the catheter. All these leg bag accessories add to the normalcy and dignity of the users.

Leg Bag Straps

Urinary leg bag straps are tied around the leg in order to secure a urinary drainage leg bag in place. Their universal size is designed to accommodate most urinary leg bags. There are fabric and latex straps available. Fabric leg bag straps are more comfortable as compared to latex leg bag straps and are perfect for patients with latex allergies.

Leg Bag Holder

Leg Bag Holders are good alternative to leg bag straps. They are lightweight and allow for safe retention of urinary bags preventing any drag on the catheters. Leg bag holders are made up of comfortable and skin-friendly material that reduces sweating and allows the skin to breathe. They allow freedom of movement with security and minimize the risk of skin irritation.

Leg Bag Holder Garments

Leg Bag Holder Garments hold the urinary leg bags securely and prevent them from falling or dragging down the leg. They maintain the dignity of users by avoiding the chances of any embarrassing incident. Leg bag garments do not constrict the flow of blood to lower leg and prevent painful skin ulcers.

Leg Bag Covers

Leg Bag covers wrap around the urine bag and provide support to them. They are attractive alternative to hold a leg bag with ease and comfort. Leg bag covers provide a convenient way to access the urine bag.

Extension Tubing

Extension Tubing is used to connect foley or external catheters to urinary leg bags. It provides added length to the drainage bag and makes positioning into bags a lot more convenient for patients.