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Malecot Catheter is used to provide temporary drainage post renal or bladder surgeries. It can also be used for percutaneous placement in the renal pelvis for nephrostomy drainage. Malecot catheter is also known as Mushroom Catheter for its mushroom or flower like tip that holds the catheter in place.

Why choose Malecot Nephrostomy Catheter?

  • Soft for maximum patient comfort
  • Promotes catheter retention
  • Flower tip eliminates the risk of accidental removal
  • Generally radiopaque
  • Flower design is suitable for the drainage of thick viscous fluid        
  • Malecot wings are designed to provide enhanced drainage

How is Malecot Catheter Cleaned?

  • Sterilize the Malecot nephrostomy catheter by cleaning it in cold water and detergent.
  • Then use one of the following procedures - boiling, chemical disinfection, autoclaving or gas sterilization.

Where to buy Malecot Drain Catheter online?

At Shop Catheters we offer a wide range of Malecot catheters to meet the specific user requirements. These Malecot rectal tubes are from various top-selling brands like Bardex, Rusch, etc.


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