Non-Adhesive External Catheters

Non-Adhesive External Catheters, as the name suggests do not contain an adhesive film. They are held in place either by application of skin glue or by use of one-sided or two-sided adhesive strip. Skin glue or liquid adhesive is required to be applied onto the skin before rolling the external catheter over the penis. Adhesive strip is encircled on the penis and then the external catheter is rolled over attaching to the strips. Appropriate male external catheter sizing, in terms of diameters and size, results in successful incontinence management.

Why use Non-Adhesive External Catheters?

Male urinary incontinence management is often a tough job with intermittent catheters. The discomfort and inconvenience caused can be reduced with male external catheters or condom catheters as they are commonly known. Male external catheter is a flexible sheath worn on penis with a tube at one end, leading to a urine collection bag. Using a non-adhesive external catheter over penis is preferred in situations where the catheter is removed and replaced quite frequently.

How to affix Non-Adhesive External Catheters?

Using Adhesive Strips:

  • The adhesive strip can have adhesive either on one side or on both sides.

  • In a spiral overlapping fashion, apply the strip around the base of the penis.

  • Make sure that the strip is not too tight. Do not stretch it.

  • Roll on the non-adhesive external catheter over the adhesive strip and press to attach.

Using Liquid Adhesive:

  • Apply the adhesive or skin glue in small quantities on the middle of the penis shaft in a ring fashion.

  • Avoid putting adhesive on any skin defects or damaged skin.

  • Spread the adhesive so applied uniformly.

  • Unroll the condom catheter over the adhesive. Do not wait too long before applying the catheter as the adhesive may dry.

  • Press tightly on the condom to attach.


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