Urinary Leg Bags

Urine Leg Bags are useful for the temporary storage of urine in case of urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention or surgery. They are mostly drainable and allow the patients with incontinence issues to continue using it for a period of time. Urinal bags should be disposed when not in use or for hygiene purposes. They are basically smaller in size than the typical drainage bags and are suitable to wear under clothing. Special leg bags straps, belts and pouches are also sold separately for carrying these leg bags.

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Types of Urine Leg Bags

Leg bags come in different types according to the preference of the customers. Based on the type of drainage valve there can be flip flo valve, twist valve, t-tap valve and anti-reflux valve, based on the type of leg bag straps there can be latex or fabric leg bag straps and based on the use type there can be disposable or reusable urinary leg bags.

Based on the type of Drainage Valve

  • Flip Valve: These urine collection bags facilitate for quick and hygienic emptying. A flip-valve bag is ideal if you have a need to empty the bag frequently.
  • Twist Valve: Such bags consist of a twist valve drain port for quick and hassle free emptying.
  • T-Tap Valve: Leg bags with T-tap valve provide one-hand operated. Small shield of these valves protects the fingers from contamination.
  • Anti-Reflux Valve: Urinary bags with anti-reflux valve prevent the back flow of urine.


Based on the type of Leg Bag Straps

  • Latex Straps: Latex leg bag straps are made up of latex material and are used to attach the leg bags to thigh or calf.
  • Fabric Straps: Fabric straps are ideal for people having latex sensitivities. They are soft and comfortable against the skin.


Based on the type of Use

  • Reusable urinary leg bags: Such bags can be used a number of times. Along with being cost effective they also help in providing protection against foul odors.
  • Disposable urinary leg bags: These are single use bags that are ideal to prevent infections and maintain good hygiene.

Where to buy Urinary Leg Bags online?

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