Applied Medical Technology (AMT) specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and products primarily used in the field of healthcare and patient care. They are known for enteral feeding products and related accessories. Enteral feeding is a critical aspect of healthcare, especially for patients who cannot consume food or liquids orally.  

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Southern California, Applied Medical is a rapidly growing, global organization. While the specific products may vary based on clinical needs and patient requirements, here are some popular product categories and examples commonly associated with Applied Medical Technology: 

1. Enteral Feeding Tubes:

  • Gastrostomy Tubes (G-Tubes): These are surgically placed tubes that enter the stomach through the abdominal wall. They are used for long-term enteral feeding. 
  • Jejunostomy Tubes (J-Tubes): Similar to G-tubes, J-tubes are surgically inserted into the jejunum (small intestine) and are used when feeding directly into the stomach is not possible. 
  • Nasogastric Tubes (NG-Tubes): NG tubes are inserted through the nose and extend into the stomach. They are often used for short-term feeding. 

2. Enteral Feeding Connectors:

  • Extension Sets: These extend the reach of enteral feeding tubes, allowing for greater flexibility for patient positioning and care. 
  • Feeding Tube Adapters: Adapters connect various enteral feeding components, ensuring compatibility between different types of equipment. 

3. Enteral Feeding Accessories:

  • Syringes: Sterile syringes deliver enteral formula or medications directly into the feeding tube. 
  • Feeding Pumps: Enteral feeding pumps control the rate and timing of formula delivery, providing precise and consistent nutrition to patients. 
  • Enteral Feeding Bags: These bags are for the storage and administration of enteral formula. 
  • Anti-Reflux Valves: These valves help prevent the backflow of stomach contents into the feeding tube, reducing the risk of aspiration. 
  • Enteral Feeding Belts: Belts secure the feeding tube in place, preventing unintentional tube dislodgment. 

Where can I buy Applied Medical Products online?

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