Coloplast is a multinational company that manufactures medical products related to ostomy, urology, wound care and skin care. It offers a wide range of products to meet the varied customer needs. Coloplast products are widely used by hospitals, institutions and at personal healthcare settings. Excellence in ostomy care, wound care and urology attributes the longevity of the Coloplast Corporation. Product lines of Coloplast include ostomy supplies like drainable pouches, one piece ostomy systems, two piece systems, closed pouches, and ostomy accessories like skin barriers and irrigation sets. Coloplast also offers urological care products like catheters, drainage bags and leg bags. Coloplast Baza Antifungal cream is one of the most popular skin care product manufactured by Coloplast, which treats fungal infections due to incontinence. Wound care products include Coloplast Biatain for complete wound healing.

Coloplast develops ostomy, continence, interventional urology, wound and skin care products and services that make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs.   

Coloplast Ostomy Care

Coloplast ostomy products include a range of innovative pouches that make users feel confident and secure. Coloplast provides customized solutions for different body shapes, ensuring that there is a product to meet individual needs. Ostomy products by Coloplast make life of the people living with stoma easier. Improvement of existing products and development of new ones make a real difference in the lives of the user. Some of the best selling product lines are described below:

  • SenSura is the core range of ostomy supplies from Coloplast. SenSura pouches have a unique double-layer adhesive that makes them secure and keeps skin healthy. It is being developed to meet the needs for greater wearing comfort and all-round security for people with stoma.
  • The new SenSura Mio offers optimal discretion for all types of ostomies and fits to individual body shapes.
  • Brava range of ostomy accessories features products that are designed to protect the skin and reduce leakage. They are also an aid acquire customized solutions for varied body shapes and needs.

Coloplast Urology Care

Coloplast urology product range is designed for those who are not able to empty the bladder or bowel. These products are created with lots of new concepts and researches so that they are easy to carry, apply and remove. Design of Coloplast urology products is discreet with easy handling, minimum odor and noise. With these products, users feel at ease, no matter what they are doing and where they are.

  • Conveen Active urine bag is the dependable and discreet solution that works all day long. It works with Conveen Optima urisheath to provide a complete continence solution to users with an active life style.
  • SpeediCath family constitutes of a wide variety of ready to use catheters. These ready to use catheters provide easy catheterization to both men and women.

Coloplast Wound Care

Coloplast wound dressings are easy to apply and remove. They are known to provide a close comfortable fit and are tailored to the body contours. These wound dressings support healing and manage difficult wounds. Active ingredients are used in many of the Coloplast dressings to help fight infection and reduce pain. They allow patients with chronic wounds to be free of pain and discomfort. Wound care portfolio of Coloplast offers products that assist users with a complete cycle of wound healing from start to finish.

  • Non-infected wounds: Coloplast wound care range for non-infected wounds include Biatain dressings, Comfeel dressings, Purilon Gel, etc. Biatain dressings provide superior absorption and secure fit. Comfeel product line is designed especially for low exuding wounds. Physiotulle wound contact layer and Purilon Gel allow for gentle debridement.
  • Infected wounds: For infected wounds or wounds with a risk of infection, range of Biatain Ag products provides sustained silver release. They support faster wound healing. Biatain Alginate Ag dressing releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate. These silver ions are effective antimicrobial agents against a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms related to bacterial colonization and infection of wounds. Antibacterial effect of the dressing also helps in odor reduction. Biatain Alginate Ag offers continuous antimicrobial effect during the entire wear time.

Coloplast Skin Care

Coloplast skin care products increase compliance, simplify procedures and ensure consistency of care. They provide treatment and protection to all skin types, from healthy, intact skin to injured skin. Coloplast products keep the user comfortable and provide them with high-quality care.

  • Cleansers: Bathing and cleansing products from Coloplast cleanse the skin of users without causing any irritation. All Coloplast cleansers are pH-balanced and made of gentle emollients and ingredients to provide gentle cleansing. They are available in rinse and no-rinse formulations.
  • Moisturizers: Coloplast moisturizing products help maintain healthy skin and treat severely dry, cracked skin.
  • Skin protectants: Coloplast skin protectants prevent and treat skin irritation caused by exposure of skin to urine and feces. They include opaque barriers as well as clear protectants for easy skin assessment.
  • Antifungals: Coloplast Antifungals treat and relieve burning, itching, scaling and redness related to jock itch, ringworm, candidiasis and athlete’s foot.
  • Hand cleanser: Isagel no-rinse hand cleanser is an antiseptic gel that sanitizes and nurtures the skin with moisturizers. This instant hand sanitizing gel is effective against H1N1, VRE and MRSA, and kills most of the microbes in less than 15 seconds.
  • Odor control: Hex-On is used to trap and neutralize foul airborne odors that are organically produced. The concentrated Hex-On formula eliminates odors for hours in an average-sized room.

Where can I buy Coloplast Products online?

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