Fiberlinks Textiles has been manufacturing high-grade medical products and incontinence items for 30+ years. Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. supplies medical products for commercial and personal use. Fiberlinks Textiles is an expert in producing eco-friendly, waterproof, and highly absorbent textiles of various styles. They believe that providing exceptional quality, long-lasting value and meeting medical needs for customers worldwide will enhance the world's quality of life. They deeply understand the constantly changing demands of the global marketplace. The company is committed to innovation, keeping up with market trends and user needs, and creating products using the latest technology and efficiency. They offer a huge range of premium products that satisfy customers' needs. They are an industry leader in patient care textiles. Along with materials, they manufacture high-quality incontinence products like pull-on pants for adults.    

Some of the popular Fiberlinks Textiles products are listed below -

1. Fiberlinks Priva Ultra plus Sheet Protector -    

It is an oversized specially made sheet protector textile that provides great absorption and protection and takes good care of the skin. It is made of soft cotton & polyester to provide a non-abrasive surface for the patient's skin. Its surface remains smooth and soft for a very long time.  The incontinence protection sheet measures 34" x 52", providing ample coverage for large areas. 

2. Fiberlinks Priva Ultra Sheet Protector -    

Fiberlinks Priva Ultra Sheet Protector is available in two options: with and without handles. This product protects your mattress from accidental spills and other moisture.   

It is made with a 4-layer technology to provide optimum protection. The first layer is a soft, quilted, thirsty cotton/polyester surface, the second layer is a polyester fiberfill layer for extra thickness, the third layer provides super absorption, and the last layer is a vinyl waterproof barrier. They provide great comfort to incontinence patients.   

3. Fiberlinks Textiles Priva Waterproof Vinyl Pull-on Pant -    

These incontinence pants are available in five size options. It is an excellent product for incontinence patients. This product offers a comfortable elastic waist and leg with antibacterial protection that can be washed and reused.    

Where to buy Fiberlinks Textiles products online?

  Health Products For You is an online retailer that provides a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies. We offer Fiberlinks Textiles Products: Extra Sheet Protector, soft-quilt reusable chair pad, ultra plus sheet protector, waterproof mealtime protectors, and waterproof vinyl pull-on pant. 

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