John Hely and Jim Weber, founder of the company, started the company in partnership in 1992. They had experience in the field of sports and orthopedic medicine industry for over 80 years. The vision of the company when started was “To Develop, Manufacture, and Distribute quality braces". The company started in Southern California as a distribution company to a global manufacturing and distribution company. It is a family owned and operated company. 

Hely & Weber are highly keen on the need of the medical community's’ need. They provide high quality, premium and technically designed to satisfy patients' needs. Their team cautiously works to improve customer experience needs. Rigorous quality testing as per industrial quality standard is done on products to fulfill their commitment of unparallel patient care. Hely & Weber are very popular producers of top-quality medical products. This company was initially focused on Braces, eventually they started manufacturing many other types of medical products as well. They use the best quality raw materials to deliver high quality and exclusively designed products.  

Where to buy Hely & Weber products online? 

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