For more than 50 years now, Therafin Corporation has been a pioneer in manufacturing and selling rehabilitation and home health care products through a network of dealers and distributors. For all sorts of physical and occupational rehabilitation and therapy needs, Therafin has developed and manufactured innovative and reliable products.  

Therafin offers a wide range of products in various fields of expertise like Assistive technology, Independent living, Patient transfer including movers and boards, positioning accessories like abductors, anterior, head, hip, foot, lower extremity supports and lot more.  

Therafin Corporation Specialties 

Wheelchair Seating (Custom), Wheelchair Positioning Accessories, Wheelchair Trays, Sensory Therapy (The Squeeze Machine), Sip-N- Puff / Joystick Accessories, Patient Transfer, Independent Living Accessories, and OEM Products (Standers, Engineered Products, Etc) 

They are specialized developers in creating products for various kinds of pain-relieving therapies like exercise, measurement, positioning, and sensory therapies. 

Various types of trays and seating arrangements are also some of the unique products offered by Therafin Corporation. 

Where can I find Therafin products online? 

We at HPFY, offer a wide variety of Therafin rehab and health care products including Mobile Stander, Shower Chair Vest,Transfer Board, Footbox For Wheelchair, Steel Shoehorn, Sensory Cuff, X-Harness, Weighted Utensils, Sensory Pressure Wrap etc.