CareFusion MaxPlus Tru-Swab Clear Needleless Positive Displacement Connector

CareFusion MaxPlus Tru-Swab Clear Needleless Positive Displacement Connector

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CareFusion MaxPlus Tru-Swab Clear Needleless Positive Displacement Connector is designed for use on all patients requiring IV therapy, the MaxPlus clear needleless connector assists facilities in enhancing the clinical best practices of priming, swabbing and flushing. Positive displacement helps prevent the reflux of blood into the catheter at disconnect, helping reduce the occurrence of catheter occlusions when used in combination with other clinical best practices.

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MP1000-C 183mL/min Flow Rate, 28mm Connector 100/Case $17.44

Benefits of CareFusion MaxPlus Tru-Swab Clear Needleless Positive Displacement Connector

  • Patented Tru-Swab technology offers a flat, smooth surface free of crevices that may harbour bacteria
  • Clear housing provides visualization of fluid path andassessment of flush technique
  • Patented dual seal design helps reduce microbial ingress
  • One internal component helps reduce the risks associated with multiple moving parts that can hide contaminants and prevent complete flushing
  • Promotes compliance with best practices and aseptic technique
  • Saline only flush reduces the use of heparin and associated risks
  • Pressure rated to 325 psi at a flow rate of 10 mL/second
  • Contains no metal, safe for MRI
  • No latex or DEHP
  • Lipid- and chemo-compatible
  • Clinical Benefits:
    - Provides for complete visualization of the fluid path during priming and flushing of the device
    - Promotes an occlusion and contaminant-free line
    - Promotes compliance with best practices and aseptic technique
    - Promotes the use of saline flush and lock vs. heparin
    - Promotes complete flushing
    - Permits standardization of connectors on both central and peripheral lines
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  • Directions For Use:
    - Without touching the blue top remove the MaxPlus from the package. Do not contaminate.
    - Attach primed IV set or syringe with flush/priming solution to the MaxPlus. Invert the MaxPlus and prime in accordance with facility protocol.
    - Remove the protective cover and attach MaxPlus to the hub of the extension set or vascular access device by inserting luer into the hub and rotating until secure. Do not over tighten.
    - Prior to every access, always swab the top of the MaxPlus with an appropriate antiseptic and allow to dry.
    - Attach luer from primed IV set or syringe to the MaxPlus. If luer is a two piece spin collar, first pull back the collar and insert luer in a straight in motion and rotate ¼ turn clockwise; then push the spin collar forward and tighten. If syringe has a luer slip, insert and rotate ¼ turn clockwise to secure connection. Do not leave luer slip unattended.
    - Flush the MaxPlus after each use with normal saline or in accordance with facility protocol.
    - To disconnect male luer from MaxPlus, hold MaxPlus and rotate mating luer until disconnected. Upon removal of the luer from the MaxPlus a positive displacement of fluid will occur to reduce retrograde flow into the catheter lumen. If blood or fluid residuals remain on the connector surface after access, swab surface.
    - Apply clamp, after disconnecting luer
  • Warnings and Cautions:
    - The device should not be used with needles, blunt cannula systems, non ISO luer connections, or luer connections with visible defects. Doing so may result in leakage and/or failure of the device
    - Luer slip connections should not be left unattended due to potential for disconnection
    - For proper use, clinicians must be familiar with and trained in the use of the MaxPlus device. Its use should be preceded by an established facility protocol
    - The device should be disinfected with an appropriate antiseptic agent, such as 70 percent IPA, prior to each access
    - The device is intended for use with ISO luer lock and luer slip connectors provided on standard IV administration sets, extension sets, and syringes
    - Trace lines before connection. Verify the line being connected to the MaxPlus is the appropriate Intravenous Therapy line
    - Failure to properly prime the device can result in reflux
    - The MaxPlus should be changed according to facility protocol or in accordance with currently recognized guidelines for IV therapy
    - Sterile disposable single patient use device may be accessed multiple times per hospital protocol. Reuse, reprocessing or re-sterilizing may lead to patient infection or other illness/injury
    - Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or other licensed practitioner.

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