Covidien Uri-Drain Male External Catheter

Covidien Uri-Drain Male External Catheter

Brand/Manufacturer: COVIDIEN/MEDTRONIC
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

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Covidien Dover Uri-Drain Male External Catheter is designed for male incontinence care. It efficiently directs urine from the urinal through a tube into an attached urine bag, and the included drainage bag is equipped with an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back. This system is particularly well-suited for individuals who are unable to leave their beds. It features a comfortable sealing ring that securely attaches to the body, making it a user-friendly option. To use it, one simply needs to place their penis inside the urinal while urinating. This urinal system is intended for men who have control over their urinary functions and can discern when they need to urinate.

Features of Covidien Uri-Drain Male External Catheter

  • Condom shaped design
  • Molded one piece
  • Latex rolled sheath with soft tip
  • Single patient use
  • One-inch foam strap
  • Made in USA


Item # Desc Pkg Price
8884734600 Medium, 1.1" Diameter, Foam Strap Each
8884732000 Medium, 1.1" Diameter, Two-Sided Adhesive Strap Each

Benefits of Covidien Dover Uri-Drain Male External Catheter

  • Soft and lightweight external catheter
  • Allows for attachment to connecting tubing or a collection bag.
  • Reinforced funnel for confidence and security
  • Molded one-piece construction
  • Dual function drainage connector
  • Individually packaged for convenience
  • Foam strap firmly adheres the catheter to the penis
  • Large diameter connector for ease of use


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What is Uri Drain Male Catheter?

  • Uri-drain catheters are highly designed for Urinary catheterization is the insertion of a catheter through the urethra into the urinary bladder for the withdrawal of urine.
  • Straight catheters are used for intermittent withdrawals while indwelling catheters are inserted and retained in the bladder for continuous drainage of urine into a closed system.


Who Needs Covidien Uri-Drain External Catheter?

  • Providing palliative care for incontinent persons who are terminally ill or severely impaired, and for whom bed and clothing changes are uncomfortable.
  • Managing skin ulceration caused or exacerbated by incontinence.
  • Maintaining a continuous outflow of urine for persons undergoing surgical procedures that cause a delay in bladder sensation, or for individuals with chronic neurological disorders that cause paralysis or loss of sensation in the perineal area.
  • Included in standard preoperative preparation for urologic surgery and procedures for bladder outlet obstruction.
  • Providing relief for persons with an initial episode of acute urinary retention, allowing their bladder to regain its normal muscle tone.


Specification Uri-Drain Male External Catheter

Catheter Material Latex
Catheter Size 1.1",1.3"

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