GeeWhiz Male External Condom Catheter

GeeWhiz Male External Condom Catheter

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS
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Gee whiz Male External Condom Catheter is ideal for home, post pro-static surgery and males going through Interstitial Cystitis, stress and incontinence issues. This male condom catheter is made of silicon that amounts to a normal condom fitting a penis. It has a tube that can be easily extended to allow urine to pass through with ease into a separate attached leg bag. This external male catheter uses zero adhesive for a slippage free experience. There is another attached valve that carries the fluid drained from the leg bag. It has a unique patented inner sticky gel seal that wraps around right behind the penis over which the condom catheter rolls over.

Why choose GeeWhiz Male External Catheter?

  • Easy to remove and reassemble
  • Features a leak proof seal for user reassurance
  • No glue/sticky adhesive required

Item # Desc Pkg Price
GW29ICP 29mm OD Each
GW29ICP 29mm OD 35/Pack
GW32ICP 32mm OD Each
GW32ICP 32mm OD 35/Pack
GW36ICP 36mm OD Each
GW36ICP 36mm OD 35/Pack

GeeWhiz Male Condom Catheter Features

  • 100% silicone catheter
  • Urine flows when catheter is bent at 90º
  • Non-irritating gel strip, easy to remove superior condom retention
  • Accommodates circumcised and non-circumcised patients
  • Quick snap connect/disconnect nozzle
  • No more adult diapers needed
  • Non-prescription delivery available to the privacy of home or facility
  • Cannot accidentally be removed

How to use GeeWhiz Male External Catheter?

What does Gee Whiz Male Condom Catheter Include?

  • 1 GeeWhiz Condom Catheter w/ Quick Snap Nozzle 
  • 1 GelStrip Silicone Adhesive Seal 
  • 1 SecureGrip Elastic Wrapping Tape

How to use GeeWhiz Male External Catheter?

  • The Gee Whiz condom catheter is placed on the outside of the penis instead of having a tube inserted through the urethra.
  • After it has been applied, the connector is pressed over the nozzle and the connector tubing is connected to either a leg or bedside (bed) drainage bag to collect urine from the user.
  • The leg bag may be strapped inconspicuously to either leg. At night, usage of the bedside drainage bag is recommended.
  • The larger capacity of the bed bag helps the user (and caregiver) to get a good night’s sleep without the usual interruptions.

How to clean the Catheter bag?

  • The bags should be cleaned using a disinfectant solution especially designed for medical devices.
  • Control III disinfectant solution is available in most pharmacies or hospital equipment supply companies.
  • An alternative is to dilute 2 ½ tablespoons of vinegar in 32 ounces of water and rinse the bags out with the solution.
  • After using any disinfectant solution, be sure to thoroughly rinse bag with clean water.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gee Whiz Male External Condom Catheter

  • How often should the Gee whiz Male Catheter be replaced?

    The External condom catheter should be replaced daily; it should never be reused. This will help avoid infections.

  • When to remove the leg (drain) bag?

    Both the leg bag and bed bag should be replaced at least every two weeks. Proper cleaning is essential on a daily basis. Changing the bags once a week is preferable.

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