HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly

HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly

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HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly is water-soluble, stable, non-greasy, and spreads evenly. It is widely used in hospitals and physician's offices. It is ideal for lubricating rubber products, rectal thermometers, rectal and vaginal nozzles for infants and adults. It provides great viscosity for better resolution.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
207 3gm, Packet Each
#208 3gm, Packet 30/Pack
#207 3gm, Packet 144/Pack
#207 3gm, Packet 144/Pack, 6Pk/Case
#203 2oz, Tube Each
#201 4oz, Tube 72/Case
#203 2oz, Tube 96/Case
#201 4oz, Tube Each
LJ201 Sterile, 4 oz Tube 12/Pack


  • HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly is a micro flora sperm friendly
  • Sterile
  • Safe with pap smears
  • Duals as ultrasound gel
  • Water soluble for quick, easy clean up
  • Fragrance, salt and alcohol free
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating
  • Dye and latex free
  • PEG and chlorhexidine free
  • 6 FDA registrations
  • Kosher certified

More Information

  • It is widely popular in the following medical arenas:
    - OBGYN Procedures: Obstetricians and gynecologists prefer this because of its purity and viscosity, the micro-flora friendly formula reduces the onset of acute dermal reactions
    - General Examinations: From the general practitioner to the specialists such as urologists, proctologists and ENT's
    - Surgery: HR Lubricating Jelly is excellent for lubricating instruments in both the pre-op and in the operating room assisting surgeons and physicians for over 75 years
    -Catheterization: When a catheter is inserted it requires lubrication and jelly is stable, sterile and non-toxic, this micro-flora friendly lubricant reduces the opportunity of infections associated with catheterization and intubation
    - Diagnostic Ultrasounds: The clarity and viscosity of jelly produces a superior resolution that achieves an exceptional image that will help define your diagnosis
    - Therapeutic Ultrasounds: The viscosity of jelly fills the acoustical window necessary to achieve an even thermal transfer required to properly stimulate the tissue. HR Lubricating Jelly will not thermally break down like most lubricants when exposed to excessive bands of heat
    - Plastic Surgery: Lubricating jelly is used in post-op recovery, HR Lubricating Jelly is stable, sterile, non-toxic and micro-flora friendly
    - Laser Hair Removal: Lubricating jelly is applied to the area of the skin to be laser-treated
    - Urological Procedures: Great for catheter insertions and specula insertions
    - Proctological Procedures: Ideal for rectal exams, scope insertion, digital examinations, cancer screenings
    - Laser procedures

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