All You Need to Know About Catheter Tips

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Catheters are hollow tubes made out of synthetic material and are used to drain fluids out of of the body or administer liquid medication to the body. They are long tubes, that are either inserted within the body via surgery or via orifices such as the mouth, nose, ears, etc. They are specially tailored for different bodily systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive, neurovascular, and ophthalmic systems. The process of inserting a catheter is known as catheterization. Some times, depending on the condition, the catheter may be left inside the body. Such catheters have to be specifically designed to avoid interfering with the other bodily functions. These catheters are known as indwelling catheters.

What are Catheter Tips and How Do They Matter?

Different catheters have different types of tips depending on the use of the catheter and the organ that it will work on. Different catheter tips cater to different parts of the body and differ in function. Some tips are made for collection of liquids and other matter whereas some are made to deliver medication. Catheters are divided into different types based on their functions and their different tips.

Types of Catheter Tips

  1. Straight Tip - This is the standard form of catheter tip, where the tip is elongated and straight. The tip has two or three holes depending on the usage and the type of catheter. They are mostly disposable catheters and are pre-lubricated to ease the process of catheterization. They are perfect for regions of the body where the catheter has to directly enter the body, in a straight line.
Hollister Advance Plus Closed System Intermittent Catheter - Straight Tip
Coloplast Self-Cath Male Intermittent Catheter

  1. Coude Tip - Coude (pronounced as kuday) is the French word for elbow and the tip is named so because it has a bent elbow like shape. Coude tip catheters are specifically designed for use in the urinary system. Some times there is a blockage because of the prostate that cause the urethra to contract. A straight tip catheter cannot bypass this blockage and this is where the coude tip catheter comes in. They can be easily navigated through orifices and body channels where inserting a straight tip just might not work.
Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System Olive Coude Tip Intermittent Catheter With Guide Stripe
Cure Male U-Shaped Pocket Catheter - 16 Inches - Coude Tip
  1. Olive Tip - These catheters are similar to coude tip catheters in tip shape, with the only difference being that they feature an olive shaped ball at the base of the tip. The main goal of the ball is to dilate a constricted urethra for easier drainage of urine. Olive tip catheters are also used when small orifices need to be dilated for insertion or removal of liquid.
Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System Olive Tip Coude Intermittent Catheter With Insertion Supplies
Coloplast Self-Cath Coude Olive Tip Intermittent Catheter With Guide Stripe
  1. Introducer Tip - Rather than a different tip type, one can call these as an addition to the straight and coude tip catheters. Introducer tips have a sleeve that covers the catheter tip and is heavily lubricated for easy catheterization. The first part of the urethra is heavily infested with bacteria that might contaminate the inner regions of the urethra and also the intermittent catheter. The introducer tip protects the catheter tip from getting infected thus protecting the upper tract of the urinary system.
Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Touchless Catheter Closed System with Urethral Introducer Tip
Rusch MMG Closed System Intermittent Catheter - Straight Introducer Tip

Other Sub Types

  • Round Closed Tip - used for direct application
  • Open Tapered Tip - Used for better insertion and guidance over a wire
  • Cone Tip - For injection like catheterization
  • Whistle Tip - For better drainage and collection

Different catheter tips have different functions and hence it is important to choose the right catheter tip to avoid any mishap while using catheters. Any infection or wrong usage of the catheter can cause problems and can harm the body.

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All You Need To Know About Catheters


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