Magic3 is a brand of intermittent catheters from Rochester Medical. These catheters are designed using the M3 technology of Rochester. Magic3 intermittent catheters are made from 100% silicone that is gentle on the sensitive skin and allows for easy insertion. They usually have straight tips. Magic3 hydrophilic catheters come with an insertion sleeve for comfort and superior performance. Each catheter includes a sterile water packet and securing tape strip for friction-free catheterization.

Magic3 catheters also come with a coude tip and hydrophilic coating. Coude tip is slightly bent near the end, making it ideal for patients with enlarged prostate.

M3 Technology of Magic3 Intermittent Catheters

Magic3 Intermittent Catheters are designed with three distinct all-silicone layers. These layers allow for optimal handling and help ease the process of insertion. Each layer has its own specific functionalities that are needed for easy and comfortable intermittent catheterization.

  1. Ultra-Soft Outer Layer: It maximizes comfort at the critical interface between the sensitive urethral tissue and the catheter. The nano-smooth surface makes it gentle and reduces trauma.
  2. Firm Middle Layer: The middle layer of proprietary silicone offers a precise level of firmness to the catheter for easy handling. It allows for quick and simple insertion without compromising with the comfort provided by the ultra-soft layer.
  3. Pliable Innermost Layer: The soft innermost layer is made with pliable silicone and helps in easy navigation. It helps the catheter to navigate the urethra without applying any unnecessary force. In addition to this, the pliable layer also resists kinking and provides a reliable and efficient drainage.

Unbeatable Comfort with Magic3 Catheters

  • All-Silicone Construction: Rochester Magic3 is unbeatable when it comes to comfort and safety. It is latex-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free. Its all-silicone construction eliminates the risks of allergic reactions and environmental toxicity.
  • Comfort Tip Design: Magic3 intermittent catheters feature a tapered tip with four comfort-sized drainage eyes. This allows easy movement over sensitive urethral tissue and maximizes drainage. Traditional catheters with non-silicone construction have two large drainage eyes, which can damage the urethral tissue.
  • Easier to Insert than Traditional Catheters: The unique features of Magic3 catheters make the insertion easy and effortless. Some tests show that Magic3 requires less force to insert as compared to PVC catheters.