Bard Magic3 Antibacterial Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter

Bard Magic3 Antibacterial Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD INC
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  • Prescription required
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

Magic3 Antibacterial Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter combines an all-silicone design, the antibacterial agent nitrofurazone, and the virtually friction-free movement of a hydrophilic coating. The all-silicone design also eliminates allergen, toxin, or disposal concerns associated with latex and PVC catheters. Antibacterial Hydrophilic Catheter is available in a sterile, single unit package and a closed system that offers touch-free catheterization.

Why choose Magic3 Antibacterial Catheter?

  • Ultra-soft outer layer
  • Straight tip
  • Antibacterial Coating
  • Latex free
  • PVC and DEHP free
  • Length 16"


Item # Desc Pkg Price
53518 18FR Each
53518 18FR 30/Case

Magic3 Antibacterial Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Features

  • Bard magic 3 catheter ismade up of three distinct all-silicone layers
    • Ultra-soft outer layer to maximize comfort
    • Firm middle layer for easy handling
    • Pliable innermost layer for easy navigation
  • Magic intermittent catheter is made of 100% silicone is soft and designed to be gentle on delicate urethral tissue
  • Comfort designed tapered tip and four comfort sized drainage eyes for ease of movement over sensitive areas and maximum drainage and flow
  • Outer surface of antibacterial hydrophilic male intermittent catheter has a hydrophilic coating on it that when wet creates a virtually friction-free catheter insertion and removal
  • Innovative packaging makes it quick and easy to prep while maintaining sterility in any setting
  • Ready to go right out of the package without any need of adding water or lubricant
  • Gentle on sensitive tissue
  • Easy insertion


What to buy with Antibacterial Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter

Magic3 Catheter With M3 Technology

Magic3 Intermittent Catheters are the first intermittent catheters designed with a unique composite of three distinct all-silicone layers. Each layer independently addresses an attribute that is required for easy, comfortable, and reliable intermittent catheterization.

Ultra-soft outer layer to maximize comfort: The soft silicone outer layer is gentle with a nano-smooth surface. It reduces trauma and maximizes comfort at the critical interface between the catheter and the sensitive urethral tissue.

Firm middle layer for easy handling: The middle layer of proprietary silicone offers the catheter a precise level of firmness for quick and simple insertion. It makes the catheter very easy to handle without sacrificing the comfort provided by the ultra-soft outer layer.

Pliable innermost layer for easy navigation: The soft innermost layer of this Male Intermittent Catheter made with an especially pliable silicone helps assure that the catheter can navigate the urethra without unnecessary force. Additionally, this layer resists kinking and leverages the hydrophobic characteristics of silicone for reliable and efficient drainage.


What to buy with Bard Magic3 Male Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters

  • Wash your Hands Thoroughly with Soap and Water.
  • Break the Water Packet by applying pressure to the foil packet to release the water (Hint: fold the water packet prior to applying pressure to ease release).
  • Ensure all water is released from the foil packet.
  • Wet the Catheter by holding the package with the printed side up and tipping the package end-to-end three to six times. This movement is required so that the water transfers back and forth over the catheter to fully wet the hydrophilic coating.
  • Peel Open the Package at the funnel end to expose approximately 4” of the catheter. Do not remove the catheter yet.
  • For convenience use the adhesive tab at the funnel end of the package to stick the package to a nearby dry vertical surface while preparing to catheterize.

How To Catheterize Using Magic3 Intermittent Catheter?

  • Prepare Your Magic3 Hydrophilic Catheter for Use.
  • Thoroughly wash area around meatus before catheterizing.
  • Wash your Hands Thoroughly.
  • Hold the Sure-Grip Sleeve with your dominant hand and squeeze it to hold the catheter shaft as you remove the catheter from the pack.
  • Next, hold the catheter funnel above the Sure-Grip Sleeve with your other hand and slide the Sure-Grip Sleeve down the shaft, stopping at around 6” from the tip. Release the funnel.
  • While gripping the catheter with the Sure-Grip Sleeve, gently pass the tip of the catheter into your urethra until the Sure-Grip Sleeve nears the meatus. If there is no urine flow, loosen the tension on the Sure-Grip Sleeve to allow it to slide back towards the funnel end. Re-grip the Sure-Grip Sleeve and continue to insert the catheter into the urethra. Repeat until urine starts to flow.
  • Hold the funnel end and remove the catheter from the packaging.
  • Gently pass the tip of the catheter into your urethra and advance the catheter until urine starts to flow.
  • As soon as urine starts to flow, point the catheter towards the toilet or other collection device. Try to keep the catheter steady until urine stops flowing.
  • When urine stops flowing, slowly withdraw the catheter, stopping if flow starts again until the last few drops have drained.
  • Finish by disposing of the catheter and its packaging. Wash your hands with soap and water.


User Manual of Magic3 Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter with Sure-Grip


Particulars Specifications
Catheter Tip Straight Tip
Gender Male
Catheter Length 16 Inches
Material Silicone
French Size 10FR,12FR, 14FR, 16FR, 20FR
Catheter Style Hydrophilic Coated


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