Male Urinal Systems

Male urinal system is designed to comfortably fit the male anatomy. It usually consists of a urinal and a large capacity reservoir bag connected through a tubing. Urinal is used to drain urine into the drainage bag via tubing and has a large opening for ease of use. Drainage bag has an anti-reflux valve to prevent the backflow of urine and a drainage valve for easy emptying. Male urinary drainage system is ideal for people who have limited mobility and find it difficult to travel narrow bathroom spaces.

Some Common Types of Male Urinal Systems

There are no specific types of male urinal systems but a general segregation can be done on the basis of their design and construction.

McGuire-Style Male Urinal System

McGuire-Style male urinal system consists of a waistband, an attachable sheath and a urine bag to collect urine. It is recommended when people experience overflow incontinence, partial incontinence or dribbling. This type of urinal does not need any adhesive to use the product and can be easily worn throughout the day.

Advantage Male Urinal System

Advantage Urinal System is a good alternative to disposable briefs, painful catheters and traditional hand held urinals. It helps users restore their dignity and independence. It also reduces the chances of urine spills, night time falls, bad odors and eliminates the risk of potential infections from the use of catheters. This type of male urinal system can even be used without getting out of the bed. Its large capacity urine bag will not need any emptying till morning even if it is used many times during the night.

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