Straight Tip Catheter

Straight Tip Catheter is straight from one end to the other. Its straight tip allows for easy and comfortable insertion and assists the user in emptying urine from the bladder. At Shop Catheters, a wide variety of Straight Tip Catheters is available in PVC, latex, silicone, with or without a connector or funnel. Some straight catheters come pre-lubricated while others are required to be lubricated manually before insertion. They are from top-selling brands like Self-Cath, Rusch, Speedicath, Cysto-Care, etc.

Features of Straight Tip Catheters

  • Ideal for use when there are no urological complications like urethral stricture or enlarged prostate.
  • Considered as a standard catheter because the majority of population with catheterization needs prefer this type of catheter.
  • Can be a type of Foley or intermittent catheter.
  • Can also be a type of suprapubic Foley or intermittent catheter that is used for catheterizing through the abdomen or a surgically created stoma.
  • Eyelets or drainage holes allow the urine to easily drain from the catheter into the toilet.
  • Come in a variety of catheter lengths to accommodate different male and female anatomies.
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