Suction Catheter


Tracheal suction catheters are designed to assist users in removing respiratory secretions. They help keep the airway clean and prevent plugging. At Shop Catheters, there is a wide range of tracheal catheters available from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Airlife, Cath n Sleeve and many more. Some popular tracheal suction catheters are Amsino AMSure Straight Pack Suction Catheters, Bard Bronchial Suction Latex Red Rubber Catheter, Bard Tracheal Suction Cath N Sleeve Glove Kit etc.

How do Tracheal Suction Catheters work?

Tracheal suction catheter is a medical instrument that helps in extracting secretions like saliva or mucus from the upper airway. One end of the catheter is securely attached to a collection canister or suction machine. The other end is placed directly into the trach tube for extracting secretions.

Different Types of Suction Catheters

Suction catheters can be of different types as described below:

  • Closed System Suction Catheters: They are encased completely to prevent the risks of developing infections associated with suctioning.
  • Yankauer Suction Catheters: Suction tips of these type of catheters are rigid. They are used for oral suctioning.
  • Latex Rubber Catheters: They are very soft and flexible. Their radiopaque property makes them ideal for x-ray use.
  • Latex-Free Suction Catheters: They prove to be ideal for individuals with latex allergies.

Where to buy Suction Catheters online?

Shop Catheters brings to you a wide variety of suction catheters. There are different types of catheters from renowned brands, including latex-free suction catheters, catheters with red rubber, open suction catheters, yankauer suction tips, and many more.