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Texas Catheter is designed to be used externally. It is worn over the glans penis to drain the urine into a urine collection bag. As Texas condom catheter is worn externally, it reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and incontinence-induced skin breakdown upto a great extent. It is different from the external catheter in the sense that it usually comes with a Velcro strap or self-adhering foam strap to keep the catheter in place. Shop Catheters offers a wide range of Texas catheters from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Uro-Con, etc.


When to use Texas Condom Catheter?

Texas catheter can be used in the following situations:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Urethral trauma
  • Reflexive voiding from spinal cord injuries
  • Unable to manage urinary frequency or urgency
  • Damage to sphincter due to prostatectomy
  • Safety concerns with unassisted or unsupervised toilet use
  • Limited access to toilet due to decreased mobility, impaired vision or dementia


How to use a Texas Catheter?

  • Wash your hands to maintain the hygienic conditions.
  • Put on gloves to prevent the chances of contamination during any procedure.
  • Place a waterproof underpad below the buttocks to protect the bedding.
  • Wash and completely dry the scrotum and penis.
  • Hold the penis at an angle of 90 degrees and roll on the catheter sheath just like a condom. Leave approximately 1 to 2 inches between the tubing attachment site and the penis.
  • Secure the Texas catheter in place with the help of a Velcro or foam strap, encircling the penis 1-2 inches from the base.