What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic technique used to image inside the body. Ultrasound probes, called transducers, produce sound waves that have frequencies above the threshold of human hearing (above 20KHz), but most transducers in current use operate at much higher frequencies (in the megahertz (MHz) range). Most diagnostic ultrasound probes are placed on the skin. However, to optimize image quality, probes may be placed inside the body via the gastrointestinal tract, vagina, or blood vessels. The image produced is called a sonogram.

What is Ultrasound Therapy used for?

Ultrasound scans help in the evaluation of fetal development. Additionally, they can also aid in the detection of liver, kidney, abdomen, or heart concerns. Similarly, they assist in performing certain types of biopsy. Besides, ultrasound is sometimes used during surgery by placing a sterile probe into the operated area. Ultrasound can be further sub-divided into diagnostic and therapeutic. Ultrasound can be further sub-divided into anatomical and functional ultrasound.

  • Anatomical ultrasound produces images of internal organs or other structures.
  • Functional ultrasound combines information such as the movement and velocity of tissue or blood, softness or hardness of tissue, and other physical characteristics, with anatomical images to create "information maps."

How does Ultrasound work?

Diagnostic ultrasound uses the sounds to image organs and structures inside the body, helping to diagnose medical issues. It is a non-invasive medical technique that makes use of high-frequency sound waves. Doctors use ultrasound to analyze conditions, including those in the bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, eyes, ovaries, thyroid, spleen, etc.

Why to use ultrasound therapy for pain relief?

Therapeutic ultrasound is used by professionals and physiotherapists to treat pain conditions and to promote tissue healing. Such a therapy treats injured areas of the body so as to stimulate the blood flow, reduces swelling, cures inflammation, and promotes tissue healing. Ultrasound therapy will help you if you have osteoarthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains and strains, sports injury and wounds, myofascial pain, frozen shoulder, etc.

The JAS Pulse Ultrasound device is a great product in this category. It generates high-frequency sound waves that penetrate tissue with the aid of an ultrasonic gel. JAS Pulse Ultrasound Therapy treats injured areas of the body to stimulate blood flow, decrease swelling, reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

How is an Ultrasound scan done?

  • First, the patient would lie down on the imaging table. After that, ultrasound gel is applied to the scan area.
  • With the help of an ultrasound transducer, Ultrasound technology operates. It sends a pulse of high-frequency sound waves into the patient's tissue. The transducer carefully glides the ultrasound gel across the patient's body.
  • Ultrasound waves generated from the probe are reflected from the tissue's boundary, and the probe receives reflected waves to make an ultrasound image.

Where can I buy Ultrasound Therapy Devices and Products?

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