Urinary Miscellaneous

Urinary Miscellaneous Products include all those urological supplies which make continence care a breeze. They are very helpful when conditions like surgery prevent regular urination. Miscellaneous urinary products make urination easy and help individuals get independent. Shop Catheters offers a wide assortment of such urological supplies from top-selling manufacturers like Becton Dickinson, Urocare, Ferndale Labs that make the life of users with catheterization needs easier.

Uses of Urinary Miscellaneous Products

  • Inspection mirrors provide a full view for safe and easy catheterization.
  • Thumb clamps provide controlled drainage by restricting the fluid that passess through the tubing.
  • Catheter plugs are used to block the fluid leakage.
  • Adhesive removers help in removing adhesive and make catheter removal easyy and convenient.
  • Syringes providee easy aspiration and injection of fluids in the tubingor bodyy.
  • Syringe tip cap protects the tip of the syringe and prevents the fluid present inside the syringe from dripping out. 
  • Catheter adapters allow syringes to be inserted into the catheter.
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