Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System

Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System

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Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System is perfect for those with urinary incontinence, wheelchair bound, home bound or require assistance with toileting. It can be easily used from a variety of sitting or laying positions. This Male Urinal System has an attached storage bag that hangs from the bed frame. The large capacity bag won't need emptying until morning - even if used many times through the night. Use this personal urinal, return it to the bedside with no worries about spills, then just go back to sleep without getting out of bed or needing assistance.

Comfort Male Urinal System Highlights

  • Unique, Non-absorbent, germ resistant Comfort ring
  • Anti-reflux valve ensures that fluid remains in the bag
  • Drain valve for easy emptying
  • Attached large capacity reservoir bag
  • Designed for quick empty


Item # Desc Pkg Price
CM008 Comfort Male Urinal System Each
CM008 Comfort Male Urinal System 10/Pack

Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System Features

  • High-quality personal urinal device usable by males
  • Comfort ring does not absorb fluid and provides extra protection from potentially dangerous infections
  • Provides padding around the mouth of the urinal for men who sleep with the urinal in the ready position
  • Foam is made up of a closed-cell, non-absorbent polyethylene, that makes it germ-resistant and non-porous
  • Personal urinal device for men greatly reduces falls, spills, caregiver workload, briefs and catheter use
  • Quicker to use than negotiating smaller bathrooms or difficult spaces when assistance is not available
  • Anti-reflux valve of male urination device ensures that the system will not spill, even if it is dropped
  • Prevents bladder memory loss, bladder infections and excoriated skin
  • Ultra lightweight and multi-usable throughout night
  • Reduces wet beds and provides uninterrupted sleep
  • Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System reduces odor and easy to clean
  • Fewer accidents and more user independence
  • This personal urinal is easy to use, easy to drain and easy to clean One-handed release while emptying No need for a lid or cap Durable hose


Comfort Personal Urinal Device Benefits


  • User Benefits: This personal urinal device usable by males may restore users freedom, independence, and dignity while helping to:
    • Maintain bladder memory
    • Reduce accidents
    • Reduce risk of falls
    • Decrease infections
    • Decrease urine spills
    • Decrease excess or night time ambulation
  • Caregiver Benefits: Advantage Urinals simplify the work of a caregiver, resulting in:
    • Uninterrupted night sleep
    • Time savings
    • Reduction of spills and odors
  • Reduces Falls: Advantage Urinal Systems reduce the risk of night time falls. They may be used without even needing to get out of bed. The large capacity reservoir bag would not need emptying until morning, even if used numerous times through the night. The anti-reflux valve ensures that the system does not spill, even if dropped, so the risk of having a night time mess to clean is reduced too!
  • Superior Alternative: Non-invasive, self emptying and affordable Advantage Comfort Male Urinal Systems are a preferable alternative to painful and expensive catheters, disposable briefs or traditional hand-held urinals. They reduce night time falls, urine spills, resultant odors and help users restore some independence and dignity. They also eliminate potential infections from catheters.
  • No Bladder-Memory Loss: The signal that body sends to alert the user that it is time to void the bladder is called "bladder-memory". Some products actually promote bladder-memory loss and once gone it can be difficult, or impossible to restore. Personal urinal help maintain bladder-memory.
  • Avoids Dangerous Infections: Catheters may cause potentially serious urinary tract infections. Advantage Comfort Male Urinal Systems keep fluid away from the skin, reducing discomfort and the risk of infections.
  • Saves Money: The expense of adult briefs can really add up and they must be kept on hand all of the time and taken with the user when he/she leaves home. Plus, even with adult briefs, risk of urinary tract infection is high. Male Urinal Systems are reusable and very affordable.


What to buy with Comfort Male Urinal System?


How to use Comfort Male Urinary System?


  • This personal urinal device is designed with quick empty mechanism.
  • It is a multi-use and fastest draining male urination device.
  • The urine hose has a foam seal that makes it very comfortable to use.
  • Urine goes into the hose, drains out very quickly through this hose and into the urine bag.
  • In this way, urine is stored away from the bed to keep it nice and dry.
  • Even if the hose is dropped nothing will come out of it because all of the urine is safely stored away, down in the bag keeping the person dry and maintaining their skin integrity.
  • Then in the morning after using this personal urinal many times through the night the urine can be drained out quickly and easily.
  • Bag may be emptied easily by unhooking the valve from the bag and sliding the blue tube to the left.
  • Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System may then be cleaned simply by rinsing with warm water.


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