Urological disorders can affect both males and females, irrespective of age. And to overcome the associated difficulties, urological supplies are essential.

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Shop Catheters brings you a wide range of Urological Supplies. We at Shop Catheters understand living with catheters and are here to help you find the right product for your needs and the support and guidance through the process. The items available at Shop Catheters are designed to make life easy for both the patient and the caregiver. We have stocked up on catheters and all other related products, which are a must-have. Hurry, take advantage of our best online shopping deals.


  1. Drainage Bags: Urinary drainage bags are used as a urine collecting bag for catheters and are intended to be hygienic and user-friendly. Urinary drainage bags come in basically two types: bedside drainage bags that hang from the bedside or a wheelchair, and Urine leg bags can be strapped to the user's thigh. Urinary drainage bags are used by hospitalized patients, bedridden patients, or night-time usage by those who experience incontinence. We have a wide variety of urinary drainage bags and urine pouches made up of durable, medical-grade vinyl material and include graduated markers to measure urine output accurately.

  2. Leg Bag: Leg bag holds urine that drains from your catheter, and it fits under your outfits and allows you to do your regular daily activities. The leg bag is worn on your leg (below the knees or on the thighs) and enables you to move more freely. Because the bag is hidden beneath your garments, you will feel more at ease with the catheter. Because the Urinary leg bag is covered under your clothes, it will make you feel more comfortable about the catheter. Foley Catheters or External Condom Catheters are directly connected to urine leg bags. You can find plenty of single-use catheter bags and reusable urine bags online from well-known brands like Bard Inc., Coloplast, and Hollister Incorporated. Get discounts on every order.

  3. Catheters: Urinary catheters are flexible tubes used to empty the bladder and collect urine in a drainage bag. They can either be inserted through the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (urethral catheter) or through a small opening made in your lower tummy (suprapubic catheter). The catheter usually remains in the bladder, allowing urine to flow through it and into a drainage bag. Catheters are generally made from rubber, plastic, and silicone material. Generally, a person with urinary incontinence is recommended to use a urinary catheter. However, anybody facing troubles with emptying their bladder can use catheters occasionally or daily. There is plenty of variety of catheters available on Big Sale on Shop Catheters. These are manufactured by the industry's leading names, such as Bard Inc., Teleflex Incorporated, and Coloplast, to name a few.

  4. Catheter Securement Device: Catheter Securement Device is intended to hold the catheter in place securely, and it stops urine backflow and urethral trauma caused due to catheter movement. The extensive range of catheter holders available at Shop Catheters are lightweight and allow for easy patient movement (like Dale Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder).



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